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Wireless Mouse Lags

Wireless Mouse Lags Before you drive yourself crazy searching for setting and adjusting mouse speed try this simple fix when your wireless mouse seems to lag or take forever to move across the monitor. Look at the underside of the mouse and you will see a small hole with a lens, simply blow on it…
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Difference Between Hits and Visitors

What is the Difference between Hits and Visitors? We have all read advertising from websites claiming, “We get 100,000 hits per month” and counter at the bottom of the Website’s Home Page. Now let me tell you the difference between a “HIT” and a “VISITOR”. A “hit” is often understood by most as a visitor…
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Importance of Backing Up Files

It is very important to have a web host company that offers daily back-ups of your website directory files. If you or your website designer edit your site and there is lost data or a mishap you are at severe risk of loosing everything. With a back-up system in place you can simply restore your…
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