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What is required for a website?

What is required for a website?

What is required for a website?

Although there are many components of a successful website we will touch on these 4 required website components.

Domain Name
Everyone is aware that a domain name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is part of a website.
This is best described in simple terms as an address to direct the user to your website, much like when you give a visitor to your business located at 123 Main Street. Domain names are usually renewed annually and cost between $10 and $25 each.

Web Hosting Account
This component is often not understood by new website owners to be an essential requirement of any website. Web Hosting is not visible to the visitor however the quality and speed of the hosting account are crucial to great results in Search Engine Results.

Speed is not only part of being ranked well in a search but your visitors will leave if your website loads slow. Up-time and security are another quality you should look for in order for your website to be visible at all times.

Web Hosting is likened to a filing cabinet in your office, the visitor goes to your address (URL), to the filing cabinet, this is the place where all of your pages, content, themes, images, etc. are stored.

The website theme or layout is the component that gives your website eye appeal and organization. There are unlimited options that will fit your business and branding needs.

The theme is likened to your home’s appearance on the street and if branded properly, visitors won’t need to look at the house number, they will recognize your business on the web and on all social media platforms.

Content by far is one of the most important aspects of a great website. You want to convey your message to your target audience in a simple to read and understand way. The pages should be easily navigated and laid out in a fashion that is pleasant to the eye and easy to follow.

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