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WordPress Hacked Brute Force Attack

WordPress Hacked Brute Force Attack

Did you know that although WordPress is one of the MOST USER FRIENDLY CMS PLATFORMS, it is also the most vounerable to Hacking and Brute Force Attacks?

Usally WordPress is hacked through dtatabase injection and the fact that the database is automatically named with the prefix wp, the hacker already has a head start, add in the fact that many people choose to have the user name admin or Admin, your WordPress site stands very little chance of surviving a Brute Force Attack.

One simple actiuon can make it more difficult for your WordPress Database to be hacked by simply changing the prefix to something other than wp, such as tf or any other 2 letter combination.
Also, do not use admin /Admin and use a password for your WordPress Website which utilizes Caps, numbers and symbols.

A brute force attack means of breaking in to the back end of a website with relentless successive attempts. A brute force attack on a WordPress website is when a hacker attempts to compromise your website will attempt to break in to your site’s admin area by trial and error, using thousands of possible username/password combinations, usually by automated software designed to generate and then try countless.